the high ceiling in the living room with the granite cladding and wood paneling. a corner of the living room. another view of the living room. one more view of the living room. the ceiling of the foyer. the louvered wooden shutters conceals the electrical panel board. the view out of the dining room. one of the bedrooms. the same room from another angle. detail of the false ceiling with recessed cove lights. the flat screen television opposite the bed. the daughter's bedroom. the wardrobe and the dresser unit in the daughter's bed room. one more bedroom. wallpaper paneling behind the bed with tiles and wooden trim next to it. the dining room opens onto a balcony overlooking the sea from the 15th floor.
Sreenivasans Apartment at MRC Nagar
MRC Nagar, Santhome, Chennai
This apartment occupies the 15th and 16th floors of a newly constructed building in MRC Nagar with glorious vistas of the Bay of Bengal. The two floors were combined to make it into a duplex apartment. The living room thus get a high ceiling and can be looked down into from the lounge on the upper level. The clients wanted a contemporary interior theme.