the reception desk with the tile inlays and woven cane fascia. banana reed sofas in the reception area. an idol of Nataraja occupying a prominent place in the prayer alcove an old Rajasthani door panel fused within a modern wooden door frame. an old bat wing door displayed against a back drop of Canjeevaram silk. an activity area in the India Immersion Center. glass tile inlay in Kolam pattern on the tiled floor. handmade flame red tiles in the risers glass tile inlay in the semi circular landing. a view of the stair. a modern courtyard modelled on  traditional Chettinad lines on the first floor. a pantry opens out onto the courtyard. another view of the courtyard. stair leading to the terrace has an emerald green handmade tile riser. the reception desk on the first floor complements the main desk on the ground floor with tiles and woven cane panels. an old metal door panel incorporated into shutter frame of the MD's room. the passage leading to the general work area. the work stations with tile inlays. glass front executive cabins in the work area. big picture windows bring the greenery of the tree outside into the work space. the small conference table on the first floor.hand embroidered motifs on the chairbacks the MD's room with its glass ceiling with a Yantra motif. the table is a sheet of glass supported on two ornamental marble pieces. the main conference room on the ground floor. the exterior with its modern and traditional mixed style.
Global Adjustments
Chennai, India
Global Adjustments was started in Chennai a few years ago with the aim of providing assistance to the expatriate community arriving to stay and work in Chennai. Their main task was to help them find accommodation and get an understanding of the way of life in this city. With the arrival of so many multi national companies not just to Chennai, but other Indian cities as well, Global Adjustments grew to occupy a national presence. We were asked to design their main office building and the interiors and recently they have moved into their own premises in Raja Annamalai Puram. Besides the offices for their daily functioning, the Chennai office also houses the India Immersion Center where regular exhibitions, classes and discourses are held to introduce the foreigner to Indian culture. The lower level of the building is entirely kept for this purpose. In keeping with the clients brief, the decor is modern, but incorporates Indian elements in its detailing, for instance a Rajasthani door panel has been fixed within a regular efficient door shutter frame. Many such pieces and objects of art find a place throughout the premises. A brief description of the items on display make it interesting for the visitor.A modern courtyard,using the traditional elements of the Chettinad design,forms the focal point in the first floor and is the place where cooking classes are held and also where staff meet to share ideas over coffee. Modern floor tiles have been used throughout,and coloured glass tiles have been embedded in it, creating interesting patterns. Even the work stations on the first floor are designed in a more earthy style using wood with inlays of handcrafted ceramic tiles. This is also reflected on the main reception table as well as the conference and board room tables where such tiles have been used as inlays. Traditional woven cane screens have been used as panels on the table fronts. The exterior of the building too has strong elements of traditional motifs set against a modern brick and glass facade.