a view of the front of the house. it is a pity that Chennai still has these ugly cables running across the front of your buildings. the building from the front yard. detail of the grill on the balcony. the main door with inlaid tiles. the living room. most of the furniture is temporary and will be replaced soon. the living room seen from the entrance foyer. the foyer. the lounge in the dining area. the dining room. a view of the kitchen. the stair landing at the first floor. a traditional style courtyard on the first floor. the courtyard from another angle. the courtyard seen from the stair. lounge on the ground floor. the master bed room. another view of the master bed room. the childrens bed room with its bunk beds. the children's bed room wall the balcony outside the guest bed room. the tv room and bar. the guest bed room. another view of the guest bed room.
Gopinath Residence
Shenoynagar, Chennai.
In this time of minimalism and simple lines, here was a client who wanted his house done in a more traditional style. It is a four bedroom house, with one bedroom on the ground floor and three on the first floor. The home theatre and guest bedroom open out onto the front balcony. A Chettinad styled courtyard is a favourite feature in this home, but it is secure against intruders and rain as it has a pergola and polycarbonate sheet covering above it at an upper level. The toilets and kitchen and interiors are comfortably modern.